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Detroit Tigers: Unvegan Heroes

Mmm tiger meat. Wait what?

By virtue of being both from Detroit and being named after my favorite animal, the Detroit Tigers are worthy of any hero-ship you can dream of. But a story published by The Detroit News has given the best baseball team in the world another reason to be heroes.

New Tiger Victor Martinez and Alex Avila joined forces to take six of their fellow Tigers out to a delicious, meat-filled dinner at Texas de Brazil, living out the true fantasy of their namesake. Texas de Brazil is one of those Brazilian churrascarias that just loads you non-stop with animal products. You know, the type of food that helps baseball players perform at their peak.

So for recognizing the importance of meat for camaraderie and its ability to bring out the best in any athlete (or person), Detroit Tigers, you are true Unvegan Heroes!

(vie The Detroit News)