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When looking for this song online, I have to say I was quite disappointed to find no official music video and only a couple really uncomfortable home-made music videos. Oh well, at least we have the song to listen to.

Now, Infected Mushroom isn’t the kind of music my unvegan ears usually listen to. The Israeli duo makes some incredibly psychadelic tunes, and that’s not typically my style. Nonetheless, I must give this band credit where it is due.

First off, the band’s name, Infected Mushrooms, conveys the sense of hatred I have for mushrooms. In my mind, all mushrooms are infected, because they infect my unvegan tastebuds with an unsettling taste.

Second, their song, “Converting Vegetarians” never fails to entertain me. Perhaps it is the fact that the song is seemingly about changing vegetarians (who have somehow been led astray) back into meat eaters. It is a noble quest and after a few listens, the song really becomes quite catchy. In fact, they have an entire two-disc album called Converting Vegetarians, which makes me think they have taken the issue a lot more seriously than writing one song.

For turning an unvegan quest into a great song about making vegetarians into meat eaters and having a a great name to go with it, Infected Mushroom, you are true Unvegan Heroes!