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Would you accept pickles from this man?
Would you accept pickles from this man?

Whenever I go to Burger King, I make sure to order without any vegetables. Today a friend of mine told me that I am not alone. A man named Darius Dugger has a lawsuit claiming that he ordered a meal without pickles, onions and tomatoes and Burger King failed to give it to him his way.

According to, Dugger had a “severe allergic reaction” to the vegetables. Now I’m not in favor of suing a corporation over an incident like this, especially when he should have looked between the patties before biting in, however, I am proud of him for bringing the incident to national attention.

Far too often, we unvegans are subject to the negligence of restaurants that disobey our needs and put vegetables in our foods. With any luck, Dugger’s case will ensure that such problems will never happen again.

For bringing the overuse of vegetables at Burger King to national attention, Darius Dugger, you are a True Unvegan Hero!