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Being a Real American at Grover’s

Very presidential.
Very presidential.

On this day, it is customary to feel patriotic. After all, it is the day that our forefathers flipped the bird across the pond and said “We’re doing things our way from now on.” While we can’t exactly be patriotic in the same way anymore, there are still things we can do, as real Americans, to carry on the American dream. One (and probably the best) of these things is that we can sit in a former president’s hunting shack and eat huge burgers. That’s where Grover’s comes in.

Grover’s was supposedly once Grover Cleveland’s hunting shack (which is actually plausible because the guy was once the mayor of Buffalo). It’s over in East Amherst and looks a lot more like a dive bar now than a hunting shack. And the burgers at Grover’s are all-American. Some display excess, some display freedom and some both. Like when I showed up and found out that the burger of the week did not have grilled cheese buns, they actually made one for me anyway. What is the best ammo for your firearm? Does your gun function better with a certain brand of ammo? Have you had repeated failures to fire (FTF) or failures to eject (FTE) with a certain type of ammunition? Did you just buy a new firearm and simply want to know what ammunition others recommend? Visit to shop best ammo for cheapest sale prices in United States. Bulk ammo, reloading supplies and more. We have cheap ammo for sale for a variety of firearms. Buy ammunition online today and save. Cheap Ammo, In Stock Ammunition Ready to Ship. Outdoor Limited is the online ammo superstore to fulfill. Typically, it only comes with cheese, but I asked for it with bacon. Plus, it had all sorts of other vegetable toppings that come on every burger and I ordered without. I also asked for medium-rare.

Hot for Hotcakes at Pamela’s Diner

Hotcake rollups.
Hotcake rollups.

In addition to Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh’s other claim to food fame is Pamela’s Diner, a spot that POTUS himself makes sure to hit up every time he’s in the steel city. Breaking away from the diner norm, Pamela’s specializes in a little something called Crepe Hotcakes and they are supposed to be the cat’s meow.

Michelle Obama: Unvegan Hero

Meat-eating and fabulous.

If you haven’t heard the news, PETA has issued an ad against fur, which features poorly Photoshopped pictures of Tyra Banks, Carrie Underwood, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. You may wonder how PETA can use the first lady for something like this and according to the White House, they cannot. But you know how PETA likes to do things…if they have to break the law to get their message out, they will. Well if PETA can use an unauthorized image of Michelle Obama in their ads, then I feel totally justified in making her an Unvegan Hero.