The Unvegan

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Bill Clinton: Unvegan Villain

Would you elect this man?

Look at the man in that picture and yourself the question you ask anyone when you first see them: Would you elect them as president? Now, let’s forget about the fact that this man oversaw unparalleled economic growth during eight years of glorious peace. No, just judge him on looks.

You see, I would not elect this man just based on his looks. He seems malnourished and could use a few steaks. A few years ago, maybe he would have accepted those steaks or at least burger, but the Bill Clinton of today is a completely different animal – the herbivore variety of animal.

Ok, so he may have medical reasons for becoming a vegan. You know, a couple of heart procedures will do that to you. But whatever the reason, I am glad he is no longer the President of the United States. Respecting a vegan politician is like respecting a fat one – it just doesn’t happen (sorry, Taft). Yet, he could subside on the blood of newborns and still be a more respectable politician than W. Malnourished or not, there is a line.