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To eat or preserve?
To eat or preserve?

While many were unsure whether to applaud or decry Lady Gaga’s meat dress, I took a stance and named her an unvegan hero. Sure, it was a waste of meat, but anyone that promotes meat is a friend of mine. But what happened to that dress? Was it eaten? Did it end up rotting away? Neither.

Instead, the dress was sent off to Sergio Vigalato, a taxidermist in Southern California. I would have eaten it, but Vigalato preserved it and it now finds itself on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, where it is surely longing to be back in SoCal.

While it would have been better if the dress went straight into someone’s mouth (maybe after a little cooking), I can still hold out hope that the dress is still edible. Like a prosciutto. But odds are that this dress is doomed to remain on display until the end of time. Perhaps a waste of meat, but if it weren’t for Vigalato, the meat would have gone completely to waste.

So for preserving Lady Gaga’s meat dress for any visitor to Cleveland, Sergio Vigalato, you are a true Unvegan Hero!