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Jim Tressel: Unvegan Villain

Tricky Tressel, stop taking my meat.

As a lifetime Michigan football fan, Jim Tressel has been a villain to me since I first heard his name. Finally, much of the world is realizing how much of a villain he truly is, and not just in football. His villainy transcends sports and reaches into something very dear to me: meat.

But first, the football. For ten years as head coach of Ohio State, Tressel has played multiple ineligible players. Whether he knew this or not for most of his career is questionable, but there is no question that he knew about the players in the 2010 season. No one likes a cheater, except for some terrible humans in Ohio that would still jump in front of a bullet for the Vest, but his cheating has led to something much worse.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “The suburban Cleveland-based Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse served both a 14-ounce and 18-ounce version of the New York strip steak that carried Tressel’s name.” Operative word: served. Note the past tense, because that steak no longer exists.

Take away the ineligible victories, but come on, don’t take away my steak!

(Photo via mgoblog)

(Story via Chicago Sun-Times)