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Hotcake rollups.
Hotcake rollups.

In addition to Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh’s other claim to food fame is Pamela’s Diner, a spot that POTUS himself makes sure to hit up every time he’s in the steel city. Breaking away from the diner norm, Pamela’s specializes in a little something called Crepe Hotcakes and they are supposed to be the cat’s meow.


The insides count...for nothing.
The insides count…for nothing.

So, of course I had to order some of those, but I wasn’t willing to settle for them straight up. Instead I ordered the blueberry variety, which came stuffed with said blueberries, sour cream and brown sugar with whipped cream on top. In case you are thinking that sounds a bit too sweet, you’re right. I could immediately tell that the hotcakes themselves were something special, but they were tainted by the innards. As for the hotcakes, they were nice and crispy around the edges and were a nice level of soft and fluffy in their midsection.

Hot potatoes and hotcakes.
Hot potatoes and hotcakes.

I should also say that I got to try them without the blueberry concoction inside and they were especially delicious. We also had some of their Lyonnaise Potatoes and they were quite stellar. Like the hotcakes and good women, they also had a perfect mix of crispiness and softness to go with a perfect salting.

The Crepe Hotcakes at Pamela’s definitely lived up to their billing. They were unlike anything I had ever eaten before, but I wholeheartedly recommend ordering them straight up.