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So special.
So special.

For a long time I was living a lie. A lie that Marty’s Market in the Strip District is simply a cool grocery store. Upon learning of this untruth, I set out with a couple of the ladies in my life to grab their brunch that was apparently the talk of the town (or at least the talk of a few people in my social circle). The restaurant area of Marty’s Market is set off to the side from the rest of the actual grocery store and there was a table waiting for us when we arrived.

Our waitress was just about the friendliest in the world, but seemed to have her head somewhere in the clouds at times. Luckily, that resulted in a free carafe of fresh-squeezed orange juice when she couldn’t remember the price and just gave it to us. One thing she did remember, though, was the specials of the day. One of which was their bread pudding loaded with fresh berries, almond slivers and some sort of berry sauce. We ordered this as a sort of brunch appetizer and it was really quite awesome. It does pay to have access to fruit right in the grocery store, so it tasted just. so. fresh.

Such glisten.
Such glisten.

For my main brunch course, I ordered the Breakfast “Sammich” (quotes from the menu, not my brain). This was french toast (you read that right) filled with a fried egg, cheddar and a house pork sausage. It even came with some syrup to toss on. Just like the bread pudding before it, this was quite good. Even without the berries, it just tasted so fresh and so clean (clean). The egg was as runny as a marathon and french-ness of the toast added an interesting element to the sandwich. There was also this crazy Kenyan hot sauce on the table that mixed perfectly with all the ingredients, including the syrup.

Marty’s Market and apparently Brunch Spot turned out to be a wise choice to grab some weekend brunch grub. It has a few unique items and they tasted pretty good too. One thing they do need to work on, though, is their juice variety, which is currently limited to orange. Being a market with tons of produce available, I think there is a lot of improvement available in that arena. Nonetheless, it is a good spot to be if you’re hungry in the Strip.