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It's like Jamaica and Mexico in one.
It’s like Jamaica and Mexico in one.

EDIT: This location is extinct,┬ábut there’s another in Beechview if you want to go alllll the way out there.

After two failed attempts to pay a visit to Casa Rasta due to inaccurate hours posted online, I finally made it there. I was expecting a quick in and out fast casual sort of place, but was surprised when I found it to be an eat-in sort of place instead. The menu was full of things I would have wanted to eat, but my stomach is only so big.

It all starts with taco.
It all starts with taco.

Ultimately I chose the Roasted Pork Taco, which was al pastor topped with avocado cream, onion, pineapple and cilantro. I ordered mine without the onions, of course. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I had expected. Granted, I am a bit spoiled by the al pastor I once ate in LA, but the pork itself was just a bit overcooked and rubbery.

So much happiness rolled into one.
So much happiness rolled into one.

Fortunately, I also ordered a burrito. But this was unlike an ordinary burrito, it was Jamaican Jerk Chicken filled with avocado cream, onion, mango, cilantro, beans and rice. The beans were black, the rice was Spanish and the onions nonexistent after my order. This was far better than anything I could have imagined, especially after the disappointing taco. It was a perfect balance of sweet and salty with perfectly tender chicken. The jerk flavoring was spot on, and the only thing I could have asked for is a little more kick.

Despite the rough start of rubbery al pastor, Casa Rasta totally redeemed itself with the jerk chicken. Better yet, it’s close enough for a lot of repeat visits. I only hope the somewhat large space can sustain itself with such specialized food, because some people just don’t know awesome when they see it.