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Sandwiches du jour.
Sandwiches du jour.

Down in the Strip District is a relative newcomer to Pittsburgh. Called the Thin Man Sandwich Shop, the name really called out to me because I often feel like a fat man trapped in a thin man’s body. It’s a curse, I know. But I digress. Back in the sandwich shop, I immediately impressed by the options they had listed on their chalk board. If nothing else, they were creative with such seasonal sandwiches as Braised Beef Cheeks, Jamaican Jerk Goat Curry and Cashew Butter. I was eager to see if the creativity translated to eatability, which, as we all know, is not a word.

Yeah, I'll have the goat one.
Yeah, I’ll have the goat one.

I opted for the Jamaican Jerk Goat Curry for little reason other than the fact that I had never before eaten goat in a sandwich. Also, consisting of coconut milk, habaneros, rice and beans, it appeared to be fit for an unvegan. And it was certainly as delicious as it was creative. Served in a pita, the flavors in this sandwich were nothing less than awesome. The habaneros gave it a great kick, but the flavor of the goat, jerk and curry all make their own marks on my taste buds as well. If Thin Man Sandwich Shop can perfectly fuse flavors like this on all their sandwiches, it will have quite a bright future.