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Hashed out.
Hashed out.

Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dive’s is about as close as it gets to an unvegan TV show. This, of course, does not mean any endorse any part of Guy Fieri, but the show nonetheless has been my guide on a number of food expeditions. The most recent of which is Kelly O’s, which can be found in Pittsburgh’s North Hills or in the Strip District. Considering the Strip District is generally a better and closer place to go, there I went for breakfast.

On the inside the place is essentially every other greasy spoon in the world. Bar seating for regulars, booths for the rest and disinterested servers for all. I was interested in ordering whatever Guy ate, but when I saw what that was I knew I should get myself some buffer. That buffer came in the form of a side of Corned Beef Hash. This hash was really everything I could hope for in diner hash, including the beautiful orange plate. It was in patty form, a little crispy on both ends and filled with salty corned beef and potatoes.

More like blech.
More like blech.

As for what I might call my main course, Guy’s favorite was something called Mush with Bacon Bits. It turned out “mush” was simply deep-fried polenta and the bacon bits were, well, bacon bits made with real bacon. It also came with some maple syrup. It was also terrible. The polenta was so damn crispy that it was barely edible, while the bacon bits and maple syrup somehow seemed to have all of the flavor sucked out of them. I didn’t know it was possible to not like bacon, but apparently mush makes that possible.

So thanks for nothing, Guy. Kelly O’s may very well have some good food more along the lines of that hash, but do yourself a favor and avoid the mush at all costs.