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PETA Kills Cats

unvegan peta catsA recent article in the Washington Post might, on the surface, seem to be good publicity for PETA, but anyone who reads the article between the lines can see what is really happening. The article talks about the fanatical lives of PETA interns. You know, how they stuff envelopes, hand out pamphlets and umm cover themselves in fake blood.

Cats: Unvegan Heroes

Many pet owners and vegetarian activists fail to realize that cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they can’t digest their food if it isn’t composed of animal flesh. Despite this, it is rare that you actually see cats act like the true carnivores they are, the carnivores that are related to lions, panthers and tigers. While growing up, my cat would occasionally catch a bird and drop it on our porch as a gift, showing that house cats really do give in to their carnivorous instincts sometimes. Otherwise, many cats have grown fat and pampered.

The video below should prove to any unbeliever that cats want nothing more than some good meat. Watch it and enjoy!