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PETA Kills Cats

unvegan peta catsA recent article in the Washington Post might, on the surface, seem to be good publicity for PETA, but anyone who reads the article between the lines can see what is really happening. The article talks about the fanatical lives of PETA interns. You know, how they stuff envelopes, hand out pamphlets and umm cover themselves in fake blood.

Not exactly a normal job, and certainly not something any sane human being would undertake. Luckily, most people only have to deal with them in passing and can choose whether to patronize or ignore, but some aren’t so lucky. According to the Post, “Lydia Netzer lives next door to the PETA intern house down in Norfolk.”

Once upon a time, she lived a nice life with an indoor/outdoor cat named Hoity. That is, until her new fanatical neighbors pestered her into keeping the cat indoors. This went against the cat’s nature and drove the poor feline crazy. Although PETA people purportedly protect animals, they essentially forced Netzer to go against the cat’s nature. Stuck inside, the little Hoity lost its mind and Netzer was forced to put it down.

Just another casualty of PETA’s war against nature and balance in the world.

(Via the Washington Post)