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That brain looks tasty.
That brain looks tasty.

ABC reports that in a bit of not-so-surprising news, meat has been found to have no relation to brain cancer. And this isn’t just any meat, this is cured and processed meats that have high levels of nitrates and nitrates. Sure, it seems pretty popular nowadays to convince people that food without nitrates and nitrates are going to kill you, but as far as brain cancer goes, this just ain’t the truth.

According to lead researcher Dr. Dominique S. Michaud, “this study suggests that at least in adulthood, meat intake probably does not increase the risk of [a type of brain tumor called] glioma.”

This is just more good news for unvegans. Obviously our brains are functioning correctly. If they weren’t, then we would probably be happy eating, ugh, vegetables.

(via ABC News)