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Why isn't this cow happy?
Why isn't this cow happy?

Meat eaters of the world have many enemies. They can come in the form of PETA or a hamburger that someone has decided to ruin with lettuce. One of the newest enemies, however, can’t be easily remedied by making fun of vegans or by sending food back to the kitchen. This enemy is global warming.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to worry about global warming, like New York flooding and entering a new Ice Age (although technically we are still in an Ice Age…), but the biggest reason I am concerned about global warming is the decrease in meat quality. A report in NewScientist says, “…the quality of our meat depends on whether or not animals experience heat stress during transport to the abattoir.”

This is terrible news for a planet with growing temperatures. This decrease in quality could lead to soggy pork and bland steak, putting unvegans, carnivores and meat eaters in danger of having to find alternate meat sources. The consequences could be disastrous, so please, for the sake of meat eaters everywhere, do your part to end global warming.

(via NewScientist)