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Old, but still true.

So here’s the deal. Every time anyone outside of PETA does anything to harm an animal, they risk the wrath of PETA. Notice I said anyone “outside,” because apparently harming animals from inside PETA is no problem. I knew they were hypocritical because one of their head honchos uses insulin from pigs, but AOL News reports that the hypocrisy much bigger than that.

According to their findings, 97% of the animals brought to PETA headquarters are euthanized. 97%! Are you kidding me? This adds up to 2,301 dogs and cats. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that is a lot more animals than are killed to go on my plate every year. One of PETA’s supposed goals is the total liberation of animals. I didn’t realize that meant liberating them from life.

And one more thing, at least the animals killed for my food become food. The animals PETA euthanizes end up doing no good at all.

(via AOL News)