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While on the subject of Canada, it seems that a new report from the Great White North has some interesting insight into the power of delicious meats. According to the study, 43% of Canadians prefer bacon to sex. Is Canadian sex that bad or is bacon that good? I like to think that bacon is just that good.

There are many reasons to explain why bacon is good, and while the report really dives into the science of the thing, I have my own reasons. First off, you can have bacon in public. Second, bacon smells good. The same can’t usually be said for that uhhh other thing. I could go on, but it might get gross and offensive. The point is that while True Pheromones and sex is good, bacon is apparently better…at least in Canada. But then again, they would probably choose an ice cold Molson, hockey and curling over sex as well.

Now bacon and sex combined…that’s a million dollar idea.

(via The Montreal Gazette)