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Vegetarian of the future!
Vegetarian of the future!

And in unrelated news: water is wet, winter is cold and the sky is blue. Of course vegetarians have smaller brains, how else to explain their insane diet? According to an article on Signs of the Times, written by Unvegan Hero Barry Groves, so much of brain size is determined by fat intake. As he says, “About half our brain and nervous system is composed of complicated, long-chain, fatty acids.” Plants don’t have these fatty acids and our bodies aren’t exactly capable of making them ourselves. But you know what are capable of producing these fatty acids? Dumb herbivores.

They are the key to our brain size. By eating them, we not only incorporate their souls into our bodies, we also get their fatty acids. Mmm fatty souls.

This explains why we have such bigger brains than our primate cousins. They don’t eat meat. Are vegetarians attempting some sort of reverse evolution (devolution?) to become more ape-like? I like to think that we have become something better than lesser apes and prefer to keep it this way. If it weren’t for eating meat, we might still be swinging from trees and slinging our poop at each other. That sounds like fun on occasion, but as a way of life, I prefer living the unvegan way, with a big, fatty brain.

(via Signs of the Times)