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A Rose by Any Other Name

So sweet.

Chocolate is dumb. Flowers die. Jewelry is way too expensive. But bacon is forever. Or at least it’s a great way to show a lady you love her.

Fortunately, a bakery called Amazeballz (just about the most terrible bakery name ever conceived) in Texas has recognized this and created the Bacon Rose. Hopefully they taste better than their bakery’s name sounds and it’s hard to believe they won’t.

According to their maker, Caren Browning, “We had to use a specific width of bacon, we had to use a specific type of bacon, and we had to develop a specific process.” That’s a lady who takes her bacon seriously, so I would expect only good things from these roses. So for all my admirers out there, you now know what to get me.

Order up.

(via My Fox Detroit)