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Aging Well with Meat

Old man strength.

At the ripe age of 29, I can proudly say that meat has only positively affected my aging. And now there’s even a study supporting my mostly-biased claim. The study comes from Japan, and we all know to trust the people that brought us Nintendo.

In short, the study showed that out of more than 1,000 older men, those who ate the most meat and fish slowed their mental and physical decline by 39%. That’s no small thing when you’re old as shit. Unfortunately, they couldn’t really find the same results with women. But this was Japan, so the women don’t really seem to matter after they pass geisha age.

Also, there’s no word about whether this would apply to non-Japanese people, but like aren’t all men created equal? If this does hold up for Russian/Polish Jews who lived in Japan once in their lives, I just cannot wait to dominate the nursing home with my old man strength.

(via CBS News)