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A new study out of Japan brings good news to all those Baby Boomers hitting their middle-ages and wondering how to eat for the second half of their lives. According to the study, “eating meat at least every two days during middle age may help maintain independent daily activities when older.”

This is good news for anyone hoping to delay their entrance into nursing homes or for their children who would have to shoulder the responsibility of dependent parents if they didn’t go straight for the nursing home.

It’s bad news, though, if you are a vegan or vegetarian. The study also found that eating fish and eggs, as so many vegetarians do, had no positive effect on later independent functions.

The reasoning behind the results is most likely because of the increased muscle mass that only the protein in meat can provide.

If I can just delay going to the nursing home for one more day, I will eat as much meat as I can.

(via Reuters)