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Global Shrinking

Is this the future unvegan?

As if we don’t have enough to worry about with global warming. What with the crazy 110 degree weather I’m experiencing in the hellish valley or dwindling glaciers, now we have to worry about shrinkage. Now, not that kind of shrinkage. That kind comes with the cold. No, the shrinkage I write of affects all unvegans, whether man, woman or beast.

AMI to the Rescue!

Baconize me

Just when you thought it was safe to be an unvegan in this world, the Harvard School of Public Health had to go and link processed meats to heart disease and diabetes. Never fear, though, because there’s a big kid on the block ready to defend meat to the death, the American Meat Institute.

Meat: It’s Good for the Baby Boomers

A new study out of Japan brings good news to all those Baby Boomers hitting their middle-ages and wondering how to eat for the second half of their lives. According to the study, “eating meat at least every two days during middle age may help maintain independent daily activities when older.”

This is good news for anyone hoping to delay their entrance into nursing homes or for their children who would have to shoulder the responsibility of dependent parents if they didn’t go straight for the nursing home.

It’s bad news, though, if you are a vegan or vegetarian. The study also found that eating fish and eggs, as so many vegetarians do, had no positive effect on later independent functions.

Eat Fish, You’ll Thank Me Later

Here’s a study that’s sure to please those supposed vegetarians who eat fish. It seems that eating fish reduces the risk of getting dementia. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering all the other great benefits that are associated with eating fish. Fish Oils and Omega 3 already help the heart and the brain, so it just follows suit that eating fish reduces the chances of getting dementia.

For unvegans, it’s just one more bit of good news to propel us into eating yummy animals. For vegans, though, this is some pretty bad news. The upside for the vegans is that at least once they get dementia, they probably won’t be able to remember how good meat tastes.

(via Examiner)

The Meat Industry Supports America

According to a recent study, the meat industry and all its components contribute more than $832 billion (5.8% of the GDP) to the US economy. That is no small figure. In these days of economic recession we hear giant numbers tossed around like they are pennies, but let’s consider what this particular huge number does, other than provide sustenance for unvegans all over the country.

This money goes towards employing more than 6 million people who will earn almost $200 billion because of the industry. But it is not simply about the individual people, but what the industry does for the country as a whole.