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The Meat Industry Supports America

According to a recent study, the meat industry and all its components contribute more than $832 billion (5.8% of the GDP) to the US economy. That is no small figure. In these days of economic recession we hear giant numbers tossed around like they are pennies, but let’s consider what this particular huge number does, other than provide sustenance for unvegans all over the country.

This money goes towards employing more than 6 million people who will earn almost $200 billion because of the industry. But it is not simply about the individual people, but what the industry does for the country as a whole.  Direct taxes on the meat industry give our country more than $82 billion to spend on improving our infrastructure, protecting our borders and more. On top of that, sales taxes earn the states more than $2 billion to improve them.

In times like these, can we afford to be without an industry like meat? A lot of vegans would like the meat industry to go away. But could our great nation really survive without it?

(via Market Watch)