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Global Shrinking

Is this the future unvegan?

As if we don’t have enough to worry about with global warming. What with the crazy 110 degree weather I’m experiencing in the hellish valley or dwindling glaciers, now we have to worry about shrinkage. Now, not that kind of shrinkage. That kind comes with the cold. No, the shrinkage I write of affects all unvegans, whether man, woman or beast.

Meat: The Evolution Catalyst

Thank you meat for my brain.

We unvegans tend to think of vegans as less than human and although this typically stems from the fact that they don’t really eat human food, sometimes a study comes along and explains even more. According to a study of fossils in northern Kenya, the consumption of animals was a huge catalyst in changing us from silly primates to genius humans.

A Theory I Can Get Behind

While perusing the blogosphere (with the help of Google Alerts) I came across a great blog entry by a guy named Jeff Erno. In it, he theorizes on why people should eat animals rather than plants. A lot of this theory stems from the fact that animals are simply a safer food to eat.

He explains, “If you are an animal then evasion seems a great way to avoid predation. Run faster. Climb higher. Fly…” These are things that plants simply cannot do. Instead, for the most part, plants became toxic or poisonous to avoid predation.