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Thank you meat for my brain.

We unvegans tend to think of vegans as less than human and although this typically stems from the fact that they don’t really eat human food, sometimes a study comes along and explains even more. According to a study of fossils in northern Kenya, the consumption of animals was a huge catalyst in changing us from silly primates to genius humans.

Between 1.9 and 2 million years ago, the brains of our ancestors grew. Studies like this in Kenya help shed a light on the answer. And that answer is meat. This site dates back to 1.95 million years ago and is littered with the remains dead animals used for eating. I wrote about a similar study here, but this new find makes it even harder for vegans to defend their eating practices.

Just imagine if humans had never discovered how tasty meat is? We’d probably still be swinging around in the trees and eating leaves. No art, no music, no writing. What a sad, sad world it would be. Thank you, meat, for making us what we are.