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So realistic you can smell it.

Have you ever looked up at a food billboard for a place like McDonald’s or Outback and thought the thing looked so good you could taste it? Or at the very least, smell it? Well next time it might not just be in your head.

Bloom, a grocery store in North Carolina, has recently unveiled the world’s first scented billboard. And it’s not just any smell, it’s a smell any good unvegan would enjoy…meat!

The secret is a fan at the bottom that blows the smell of steak onto the road. The idea is that although the steak on the billboard looks beautiful, people will be more enticed to pick up a steak based on the smell. Although I am always enticed to buy steak, I would definitely be more tempted if I smelled it on my drive home from work.

Unfortunately, this billboard only runs through today, but since this is a guaranteed success, I would be surprised if we didn’t find scented billboards popping up all over. And if we’re lucky, they will all smell of a sweet meaty aroma.


(via The Huffington Post)