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If Veggies Could Hear…

Stop eating me!

It seems like so long ago that I reported on the remarkable ability of plants to communicate with one another. But lo and behold, none other than the New York Times is finally following suit with news from the world of plants.

You can read up on all the good stuff at their site here, but the main point is that plants can hear you. Yes, big brother plant is always out there, always listening. Scientists have determined that trees can hear the sound of caterpillars eating leaves and can thus send out repelling chemicals to get rid of the deadly beast.

This, of course, confirms a noble truth that is often ignored by vegans and vegetarians. Namely, plants want to be food just as much as we do. Which is to say not at all. They can’t run, they can’t hide, but they can damn well ward off predators with chemicals. At least the meat I eat doesn’t dry to get rid of me with chemicals, unless you count snakes and their venom. But seriously, who eats snake that much?

So the next time you crunch into a leafy green, just remember that it knows you’re there and has done its best to keep you away.

(via New York Times)