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Trent Williams: Unvegan Hero

A new kind of hero.

The movieĀ What the Health? has been blowing up lately. Even so far as pushing NFL left tackle Trent Williams to become a vegan. I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I do know that movies or other pieces of media show up like this here and there, only to have copious responses trying to debunk them and whatnot. I’m above all that, but when Trent Williams came out to say he cannot continue his vegan diet, I was ready to jump on it.

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Brady Hoke: Unvegan Hero

The look of someone who may have just eaten a steak.

Well, the time is upon us. College football has finally arrived, and if you know me, you you know that the past few seasons have not treated me too well. To say that my dear Wolverines of the University of Michigan have been performing below expectations would be like saying Hitler may have had questionable morals. But Wolverine nation can smell change for the better.

Rex Ryan: Unvegan Hero

Feeeeeed meeeee

As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, come playoff time I really have very little allegiances. I do my best to root for former Michigan players on teams (Tom Brady, Chad Henne, Jake Long, Charles Woodson and Steve Breaston to name a few), which sometime results in those players playing against each other. Now, though, I may have a new reason to root for teams: How unvegan are they?

A Pretty Happy Hour at Capitol City (CLOSED)

Oh you know…just wingin’ it.

Some bars are known for their food, some bars don’t have any food (losers) and some bars happen to have food, but aren’t exactly known for it. Capitol City, a semi-new sports bar in Hollywood is one of the latter. Nonetheless, there was a football game to be watched and it happened to fall during happy hour, so Capitol City became my dinner and drinks destination for the night.

First off, their happy hour is pretty badass by the looks. It includes some pretty decent beers, including Blue Moon for four bucks, which is as good as you’re gonna get in Hollywood. Drinks aside, they have some great-looking $5 appetizers, so after downing a couple Blue Moons, I decided to order their wings.

Boise State Broncos: Unvegan Heroes

Horses are meat eaters now?

**Edit** Congrats to Boise State on their victory.

Since my football team wasn’t even bowl eligible, I’ve had a tough time figuring out who to root for in each bowl game this season. For tonight’s Fiesta Bowl, though, this will not be a problem. The game pits the Boise State Broncos against the TCU Horned Frogs. Although the concept of a horned frog is awesome, I will be cheering for Boise State because of their intense love of meat.

Mark Sanchez: Unvegan Hero

unvegan mark sanchezBeing a Michigan football fan, I always disliked Mark Sanchez. As he quarterbacked for USC, he was an easy guy to hate. Now that he has entered the NFL and plays for the New York Jets, any problem I may have had with him have gone away. Not only that, but watching him play on TV a couple weeks ago has elevated him to a level higher than just about any other athlete in the country. During a timeout, Sanchez was caught on film chowing down on a hot dog.

Check out the film below.