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The face of charity.

Lily Allen (sometimes known as Lily Cooper) has the distinction of being, like, the only British singer to sound distinctly British in her music. It’s a great talent to have, but she wouldn’t be featured here if that was all she offered the world.

She’s also a charitable person. So charitable, in fact, that she has thrown her talent into a charity called Comic Relief, which raises money to fight poverty. A pretty spectacular cause, if I do say so myself, but the vegan world has a different agenda. They have decided that the life of a pig is more important than helping people in need. Just how did a pig get involved? Well, Allen tweeted this:

I will name one of my pigs after you and send you the sausages and bacon from it when I kill it. JOin my #twittermillion team . Please.

To appease the lesser people of the world, she also tweeted this:

Or if you’re a vegetarian you can choose to spare the pig . #twittermillion JOIN MY TEAM !!!!

The response was exactly what you would expect from crazy people. People who should simply be happy at the potential for free food. Some went simple, calling her a sick person (which is ridiculous, because she doesn’t look sick to me), while guys like @veganfishcake took it to the next level:

@lilyrosecooper get @vegucated yourself and learn that you are supporting rape and murder.

Feel free to tweet over to the dude that he’s an idiot, and while you’re at it, let @lilyrosecooper know how awesome she is.

After fending off the attacks, Allen finally tweeted:

Jesus.fucking.christ. Some of these vegans are loonies, more vitriolic than the most misguided of Cheryl’s Soldiers. #nuhnight

Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t even know what a Cheryl Soldier is, but I know it has to be pretty terrible to be compared with a vegan.

So, for raising money for charity, creating great music, producing bacon and fighting against the loony vegans, Lily Allen, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Now Magazine)