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Allan Savory: Unvegan Hero

You have a point.

One of the last bastions of the vegan superiority complex is that eating meat is bad for the environment. There have certainly been holes in this argument, putting vegetables in an equally damaging light, but thanks to Allan Savory we can now say meat can really save the world where vegetables can’t.

To back that up, below is a TED Talk Savory recently delivered and while he isn’t the most eloquent speaker, he has a cool Rhodesian accent and makes some mind-blowing points.

Of his points, I think the most important one to take away is that the land he works with can only sustain animal agriculture. No disgusting vegetables can be grown there and the vegetation that grows naturally can only be eaten by animals. Plus, he barely scratches the surface the amazing impact this will have upon the greenhouse effect by reducing carbon loss into the atmosphere.

Of course, critics will say that this is not scalable and that deserts are an important part of the world’s ecosystem. Those critics will be correct. This will only work in lands that have succumbed to desertification – lands that have become deserts because of human intervention. But trust me, there are certainly plenty of those and they are not an important part of the ecosystem by any means. There are no highly specialized awesome species adapted to those lands because those deserts are simply unnatural.

It’s also important to realize that he is advocating “livestock mimicking nature.” This doesn’t mean factory farming, it means copious planning with the end result being more meat and an end to desertification. Perhaps the best part of all is that Savory backs all of his talk up with a proven track record. He’s not just some meat blogger sitting on his computer coming up with theories. He is out there getting it done and changing the world for the better.

So, for proving the importance of meat and doing your part to save the world along the way, Allan Savory, you are a true Unvegan Hero!