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No ordinary heroes.

So the Olympics are over, but if they have taught us anything, we all know that Canada is a pretty sweet place. I may be partial to the country since I grew up an hour from the border and took advantage of the 19+ drinking age in Ontario. Or I may be partial to the country because I am half Canadian and am enamored by both curling and hockey. Whatever the reason, I’ve now discovered a new reason to love Canada and it is called “Body Break.”

“Body Break” was one of those fun little informational shorts from the ’90s that would appear during after-school programs. It featured two wholesome Canadians named Hal Johnson and Joanne McCleod. As part of encouraging people to live a healthier life, they made meat a central focus.

Check out their video below:

Not that anyone would be foolish enough to skip out on meat in a meal, but they even say, “If you don’t eat meat at lunch, you can combine two servings at dinner.” That’s a good unvegan life to me.

So for being part of Canada’s awesomeness and encouraging meat consumption, Hal Johnson and Joanne McCleod, you are true Unvegan Heroes!

(via The Cheap Seats)