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Feeding the needy.

Some consider hunting to be a barbaric act, one that modern domestication and ethics should have long removed from humanity. But what do those ethics have to say when that hunting is used to serve the common good of humanity? That’s where Missouri Governor Jay Nixon comes in.

He is improving the Nixon name by controlling the population of deer and teaching those deer to share their precious meat. Why should they get to keep all that meat to themselves? Yet, he is not a hero just for being a hunter, but for what he does with the meat. It goes to a program called Share the Harvest, which gives the meat to people in need, and since it started in 1992 there has apparently been more than 2 million pounds of meat donated.

Hunting an overpopulated species to help feed the poor? It’s a Robin Hood-esque storyline that even the most fervent animal crazies should get behind.

So, Jay Nixon, for leading the pack of hunting wolves in donating your meat to the cause of humanity, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via The Kansas City Star)