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Dylan Mayer: Unvegan Hero

Ridding the world of octopi.

What does it take to get people enraged about eating animals? Usually the animal has to be cute, and although that doesn’t usually apply to cephalopods, a bunch of people seem to be upset about one particular Pacific Octopus.

Dylan Mayer was looking to help out a friend when he dove into the Puget Sound and came up with a live Pacific Octopus. He was taking it home to eat for dinner, but his fellow divers were not happy about the situation. As an unvegan, I support hunting for eating purposes and fail to see how this was any different than any other hunting. No one would have been upset if he had come up with a fish instead of an octopus. And while an octopus is more important to the ecosystem than your average fish, it’s not like the things are being over hunted.

So, Dylan Mayer, while much of the public has been flaying you for exercising your right to catch and eat octopus, we support your decision and think you deserve to be an Unvegan Hero for catching your dinner in a most unusual way.

(via Daily Mail)