The Unvegan

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He also says “Go Blue!”

Back in 1997, when Titanic came out, I never thought I would look at Leonardo DiCaprio in a positive light. Never mind his acting chops, I was an awkward 13 year-old and jealous of all the attention the guy was getting.

Of course, he turned things around and started churning out awesome movie after awesome movie, shedding the teen heartthrob persona for one of a serious actor. When he bagged Bar Rafaeli, the Jew in me was jealous again, until he showed up around town wearing a Michigan hat. And while that didn’t hurt the guy’s chances of becoming an Unvegan Hero, what really did it was his love of meat.

These events show he has a clear love of life, and he put that love on display last week while chowing down on a steak with Tobey Maguire. That in itself isn’t such a feat, but Tobey Maguire is one of those “people” known as a vegan. In my experience it takes a lot of balls to enjoy a juicy steak with the judgmental eyes of a vegan sitting across from you, but Leo has done it.

So, for enjoying life to its fullest (which certainly entails eating steak), Leonardo DiCaprio, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via entertainmentwise)