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Do NOT buy this book.
Do NOT buy this book.

Recently, I’ve been reading more and more news articles about a book called Eating Animals. At first, I thought this was going to be some sort of awesome cookbook or essays about eating some pretty tasty animals. Instead, I found a book that goes against the things that every unvegan stands for. I haven’t read the book, because I don’t think the author or publisher deserves any of my money, but I know enough to place an unvegan ban on the vegan propaganda.

The book is so insidious that it has turned the adorable Natalie Portman into a sudden vegan who compares eating meat with rape. This cannot stand!

People are meant to eat meat. It is tasty. It makes us human and has tons of health benefits. Lucky for the world, Foer’s thoughts are not left unchecked.

Buy now!
Buy now!

Books like The Vegetarian Myth, by Lierre Keith, expose the flaws of the vegetarian arguments and keep the world in balance. Her book makes her a hero in the unvegan world. She proposes changes to the current food system, but defends the eating of animals.

The world needs a lot of Keiths and a lot less Foers. Thank you, Lierre Keith for exposing the myths of vegetarianism, you are a true Unvegan Hero.