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unvegan sofritas
Where’s the real food?

In the world of burritos, I have never fully bought into the supposed greatness of Chipotle. Sure, it’s reliable, but whatever. And now Chipotle has made a great blunder that almost makes me struggle to utter their name out loud. That blunder is Sofritas.

I should have seen it coming. After all, they appeared to drop bacon from their pinto beans a couple years ago. But now it is worse than Chipotle simply offering a vegan option, they are actually giving away Sofritas burritos, tacos and bowls for free on January 26th. This is, of course, a huge mistake. After all, a study done by the Vegetarian Times in 2008 found that only 3.2% of Americans are vegetarians. Only the demon god of vegetarians knows what that percentage is now, but clearly the vast majority of Americans are being excluded from the Sofritas promotion.

Chipotle must be stopped, so I would like to call upon all loyal unvegans to head to their nearest Chipotle on January 26th and demand a free real burrito. Or better yet, drive past Chipotle to the next fast casual Mexican place you can find and never make the journey back there again.