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Not quite, but it’s definitely a fun idea to toy with. One aspect of veganism that I have always found entertaining is the general discord among vegans. From whether they can eat honey to whether they agree with radical PETA’s tactics, they seem to almost have as many schisms as Christianity. But I digress. Today I read an article, entitled “Vegans Against Veganism,” that blew my mind about vegans. Perhaps they aren’t the holier than thou radicals I have always thought.

The article is written by a disgruntled vegan, calling out her fellow vegans who are supposed proponents of eating meat. These vegans don’t eat meat themselves, but rather than try to convince the world to go against human instinct, they simply propose that meat be treated better before heading off to the slaughter for the real people.

More power to these vegans. Any proponents of eating meat, whether they eat it themselves or not, are good people in my book. It’s refreshing to see that some people have realistic goals in life that don’t involve alienating the majority of the human race. Meat makes us human (it really does), so why fight it?

(via Vegan Soap Box)