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My first time up in Big Bear Lake happened to be for my bachelor party. Since I knew little to nothing about what sort of food existed up there, my best man arranged a night out beginning at Captain’s Anchorage, an old-school steakhouse. Steak is unquestionably a man-food, and I was damn happy with the choice of restaurants. Since this was the low season, the clientele was mostly geriatrics and local middle-aged couples, but our group of men was welcomed into the fray.

As expected, the menu was dominated by steaks, with the prime rib being touted as one of the specials. I wasn’t feeling the Prime Rib, though, and ordered the 10 oz. top sirloin instead. This came with the salad bar and choice of sides, which I chose as a baked potato. Like any good unvegan who had been gorging on junk food all weekend, I had no need for salad, but was happy with steak and potatoes. I ordered it medium-rare and waited for my beautiful meat.

The steak that graced my plate certainly looked beautiful. Its grill marks formed perfectly charred diamonds and only a piece of lettuce garnish got in the way of an otherwise perfectly unvegan plate. The steak ended up being pretty good, with the char adding nice flavor to the flavor of the beef itself. The only problem was that it wasn’t as juicy as I had hoped it would be. I had to add a little steak sauce to moisturize my meat, but not so much that the dryness was overwhelming.

And while the steak wasn’t quite perfect,the company sure was. From what I remember, the night was awesome and Captain’s Anchorage played a major role in kicking things off.