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Oh how gourmet.
Oh how gourmet.

In a land where they pronounce gyros like the beginning of gyroscope, a friend of mine never shuts up about the greatness of the gyros at a place called The Greek Gourmet in Squirrel Hill. The Greek Gourmet, by the way, is more of a quickie Greek market than a restaurant, seeing as it only seems to serve gyros alongside its packaged hummus, tzatziki, pita and whatever else you may expect from a Greek grocer.

Money shot.
Money shot.

I loaded up on some awesome looking hummus, like Buffalo, Gorgonzola Chive and Cilantro Jalapeno (which all turned out to be amazing), but I was here for the gyro. I ordered mine with just the meat and sauce, then waited a few minutes for my $5.50 thing of beauty.

And it was quite the beauty. Once unwrapped at home, I found thick slices of gyro meat and a nice dose of tzatziki sauce. The meat was plentiful and the sauce wasn’t overly cucumbery (the mark of a good sauce). Plus, the pita was nicely grilled. I couldn’t have asked for much more in a gyro except for no cucumber at all, but that is about as common as Bigfoot. I only wish I had heeded my friend’s recommendation sooner.