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Greeking Out at Mike & Tony’s Gyros


Downtown Pittsburgh might have some shiny new restaurants, there are still some spots that remind me of my native Detroit. One of these is Mike & Tony’s Gyros, a Greek place that has American favorites like burgers as well. As we stumbled our way to a Pirates game, this seemed like the best place to stop and grab some much-needed food. We were met by a griddle, spools of meat and smiling faces that told us of an $8 special including a gyro (painfully pronounced like gyroscope), fries and a drink.

I went with this because I’d be crazy not to. Then I asked what came on the gyro aside from the meaty and saucy goodness and when I was told it was lettuce, tomato and onion I immediately asked for them to be left off. What I was left with was a glorious gyro, filled with all I could ask for. Even better? The sauce wasn’t that crappy cucumber infested yogurt tzatziki but instead something that tasted like a combination of yogurt and tahini. As for the fries, they were the skinny variety, but somehow had been fried in a way to take on the texture of steak fries. It was some Greek voodoo nonsense and it was delicious.

This was one solid food stop and a place I’d definitely stop by again for a quick bite downtown at a great price. Just beware, they don’t take credit cards and aren’t open on Saturday or Sunday.