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Apparently Winghart’s in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square had itself a bit of a fire problem. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this when I wen down to try one of their famous burgers. Yet, having made the trek already I ended up eating at DiBella’s, an “old fashioned” sub place. I could imagine that it was a pretty popular lunch spot, but at night it was completely dead.

At least this gave me the opportunity to ask the lady behind the counter what her favorite sub was. She replied with a barrage of cold cut options that simply didn’t sound like a dinner thing to do. Instead, I went with the cheese steak, because hey it’s still Pennsylvania, right?

Wrong (well I mean it is Pennsylvania, but not the right place for a cheese steak). For starters, it came with onions AND peppers. Of course I ordered without, but this was a bad start. I ordered it on the plain bread because I assumed the cheese and steak would provide all the flavor I need and I chose provolone as the cheese after learning there was no whiz to be had.

If I can say one thing for the sub, it’s that DiBella’s did not slack on the meat. The sandwich was full of beef. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good I can say. The bread was weirdly chewy, the meat had very little flavor and the cheese was almost nonexistent. There was just so little of it that it might as well have not been there at all.

I am sure the cold cut sandwiches must be better than the cheese steak. They have to be. Because otherwise I am at a loss at how DeBella’s is still kicking.