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Now with real lamb!
Now with real lamb!

At some point The Cafe at the Frick came up as a place I needed to grab a meal at. This, of course, came as a surprise because most museum cafes offer up barely passable food to a captive audience. But I figured why the hell not and headed to the Frick for lunch. As could probably be expected, my wife and I were decades younger than the next youngest patron that hadn’t been dragged there by grandparents, but we hoped that our still active taste buds would be rewarded.

Out of their very small menu I ordered the Lamb Burger, which was said to be fresh ground lamb, topped with pickled reg onion, bibb lettuce, welsh cheddar and berbere aioli. I had no need for onions or lettuce, but was eager for the rest. When it arrived, it also came with some sort of mini pasta salad, which I suppose was a bonus. Without a doubt, if you love lamb then you will love this burger. It is perfectly cooked, juicy and well-paired with the cheddar and aioli. However, if you only kind of like lamb, this burger might be a bit intense for you. It has a strong lamb flavor that would be expected from fresh stuff, but might be too strong for some. As for me, I wouldn’t have minded a bit of beef mixed in, because while I love lamb I can really only have so much.

Nonetheless, it is unquestionably a well-made burger and perfect for anyone that loves the mutton. I woudn’t say The Cafe at the Frick is necessarily a must, but it is a lamb good option for anyone visiting the Frick Museum or Frick Park.