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At least there’s a lot of pep.

One night a friend decided to meet me for dinner in North Hollywood. Typically I get myself out of that place as fast as I can after work, but on this night I was actually a bit excited to try out a place called Little Toni’s. Little Toni’s is a pizza place that isn’t open for lunch, so I figured this would be one of my rare opportunities to try them out. We walked inside and found the place wasn’t just some pizza joint, but an all-out Italian place that was probably pretty good for families. Nonetheless, we were ready to try their pizza.

After some deliberation over toppings and size, we chose their Extra Large (since there was actually no Large on the menu) and decided to split the toppings up. I made the genius choice of pepperoni, where he made the mistake of ordering mushrooms. When it arrived, my half looked pretty awesome. It was totally loaded with pepperoni to the point where there were multiple layers of those delicious pig-meats. The waitress employed an odd method of delivering is our slices, as she used two spoons as sort of chopsticks and placed them on our plates.

Someone please put this pepperoni on some different dough.

Although the pizza had looked good, it was at this point I because afraid. In using her spoons, the pizza came out looking quite stiff. You know, stiff enough that the crust didn’t bend around the spoons at all. When I bit in, my fears were realized. The crust was hard. Like Tombstone pizza hard. And while I love Tombstone, I realize that it is a frozen pizza and that I really shouldn’t be paying a premium at restaurants to get that sort of pizza. Also, the crust was drier than Tombstone, adding to the pain. While this was disappointing, I must give credit to the rest of the pie. The cheese and sauce were pretty good and the pepperoni was quite amazing. Not only was there a ton of it, but the varying layers of pepperoni made every bite a meat-filled surprise.

Sadly, the dough made it hard to appreciate any of the rest of my pizza.