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Jamaican in Lackawanna?
Jamaican in Lackawanna?

Curly’s in Lackawanna is a restaurant and a banquet center. It’s also American and Caribbean. Oh, and they have grill food. It’s kind of confusing, but somehow it works. The tables have fancy tablecloths and likely because of this we got some delicious bread to start off our meal. I flipped through the pages from the grill food to the fancier banquet food and because of some things I heard, decided to go with the grill.

But not just any grill, the Caribbean side: Jerk Chicken Sandwich. Presumably the jerk was of the Jamaican variety, and it came with mango chutney, jerk mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and some slaw on the side. I mistakenly failed to order without these, but I did order some fries for an extra 50 cents.

The result was not quite what I expected. I’ve had jerk chicken before, albeit not on bun. Yet, this was two chicken breasts and not the usual dark meat I expected. It didn’t carry the jerk flavor I know and love, but it was still quite delicious. In fact, it was one of the best chicken breast sandwiches I’ve ever had, especially for one without cheese. The trouble is that it just wasn’t very jerky. The fries (not curly for some odd reason), were actually fries. So that was good, and they were also fantastic.

As for the grill menu at Curly’s, I can highly recommend ordering from there. You may not get what you expect, but I expect it will be good anyway. At least it was for me.