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Throughout the Buffalo area is a place called Jim’s SteakOut, which is known for its subs and tacos, but mostly for servicing drunks in need of something greasy to fill their bellies. Fortunately, there is one in East Aurora that was just waiting for the right moment to get in touch with me. The moment came recently enough, and with a few drinks in me I felt it was time to get steaked out.

Deep inside the Stinger.
Deep inside the Stinger.

One of Jim’s unique offerings is called the Stinger, which is steak and chicken fingers. Combine those words together and you’ll see how the genius name was arrived at. Since I am always in the mood for more meat, I opted for this Stinger with cheese and white bread, but ordered it without the lettuce, tomato and onions. This took a surprisingly long time to prepare by Subway or Quizno’s standards, but it was nice to see that they actually cooked up the steak on the griddle instead of pulling it out of some weird container.

The result was exactly as I expected…a great sandwich for battling with alcohol, but nothing I would write home about as far as regular mealtime. I admired the combination of steak and chicken and both were in balance and juicy. The odds say that I will be back again, and I noticed that they had other items that would also serve my needs the next time I hit the bottle.