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An Engaging Dinner at Michael’s

I did it for the ziti!

Well, you must have known the day was gonna come eventually. You know, the one where that lady I often refer to as “the girlfriend” in my reviews becomes “the fiancee.” Yes, I’m sorry for not consulting you wonderful readers of mine ahead of time, but it was something that had to be done. So, while in Breckenridge, Colorado for a bit of a ski trip with the family, my parents decided to take everyone out to dinner to celebrate the engagement. We picked out a mid-range Italian place called Michael’s, thinking it would be a great place to make everyone happy.

And it certainly was.

For starters, while the menu was not terribly big, so many different things popped out to me. Finally, I settled on their Baked Ziti. And this was not ordinary baked ziti, but one filled with both meat sauce and alfredo sauce for a two-sauce punch.

Before the meal came, we were treated to a couple rounds of delicious, fresh garlic bread. It wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but still quite good.

When the ziti did come, I quickly found the punch of sauces was nothing short of delectable, with both working in harmony with one another rather than fighting each other for the dominion of the ziti. As for the pasta, it was ziti through and through, with little else to say. The mozzarella on top of the dish had been crisped and melted to perfection in the oven, and I was a happy man.

There’s not much else to say without getting too fluffy, but let it be known that Michael’s is a damn good Italian place and not one person at dinner had anything to complain about at the end of the night.