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A couple of the post-shopping delights Costco has to offer.
A couple of the post-shopping delights Costco has to offer.

While most people associate Costco with huge quantities of products, I like to think of it as a great place to grab a quick bite to eat.

Beyond the free samples, Costco actually has somewhat of a restaurant, offering a few cheap meals, from chicken bakes to pizza.

By far, the best deal to be had is the hot dog combo, which is a 1/4 pound Kosher beef dog, with a drink for $1.50, but sometimes that isn’t enough. On my most recent trip to the Costco in Manhattan Beach, I also helped myself to a huge slice of pepperoni pizza. These deals are not just available to Costco members, but to anyone from the unvegan world.

The hot dogs come naked aside from the bun, with the option of choosing whatever condiments you like, as long as it’s ketchup, mustard, relish or onions. It’s nice to see a place that let’s the consumer decide, rather than forcing an unvegan like myself to specify that I don’t want any relish or onions. The pizza is also frill-free, just nice and oily.

After a long day of shopping, elbowing and pushing your cart to the front of the line, only to realize you just ran up a giant bill on your American Express card, there is nothing better than a hot dog or piece of pizza from the Costco counter to remind you that life really is good.