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Never too many toppings.
Never too many toppings.

While out on Frenchman Street in New Orleans, eventually the alcohol consumption began to get to me and I realized I had to eat something. That something turned out to be Dat Dog, an “encased meats” spot with plenty of tube steaks to choose from, beer on the menu and toppings galore to choose from.

In a haze I picked the regular Beef Wiener, but topped it with an assortment of things. There was crawfish, bacon, cheddar and andouille sauce. By the way, you should probably be told that all toppings are included with a hot dog so I could order to my heart’s content. It came out on a solid toasted bun that miraculously seemed capable of containing all of the toppings.

As for the hot dog (err I mean encased meat), it was quite tasty and had a nice snap to it. The toppings were kind of all over the place and perhaps not the best combination, but they were all pretty good and hit the spot in their own ways. It was definitely a solid place to stop for some good drinking food.