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It looks good until you see the pickle...
It looks good until you see the pickle…

Conveniently placed in the Third Street Promenade, I decided to give Broadway Deli a try. For a deli, they didn’t have too huge of a variety of interesting sandwiches, and most of the menu items would have required me to remove vegetables. One item, however, caught my eye. This was the Fresh Ground Ostrich Burger. Always intrigued by new and strange meats, I thought this would be a good idea. I made sure to order without the lettuce, tomato and red onions, and to throw on some cheddar cheese for good measure. When the burger arrived, I noticed that Broadway Deli had committed the highest of unvegan treason. A pickle on my plate!

Why couldn’t they just have mentioned the pickle on the menu and saved me the trouble? A true deli would have had a platter of pickles ready for the table to consume if they so desired, which could have easily been pushed away, but I was in no such luck. Surveying the damage, I found that the pickle juice had only rendered a few fries inedible and the sandwich was spared.

Still intrigued by the ostrich, I began eating. The burger was a lot drier than I had expected, although I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’ve heard that ostrich meat is healthy, and with healthy foods something must always be sacrificed. Sadly that happened to be juiciness. It’s difficult for me to say whether the burger was poorly prepared or ostrich simply isn’t a good meat. I guess this particular large, flightless bird just wasn’t meant to be a patty, at least not in my unvegan world.